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November 13, 2023

Abound Communities is delighted to announce the appointment of our new Chief Executive Officer, Ms Katherine Burton.

Katherine has extensive experience in senior executive positions in public health, as well as not-for-profit and private aged and home care services. She joins us from Mercy Health where she held the position of Executive Director: Quality, Safety, and Innovation.

Dr Philomena Horsley, Acting Chair of Abound Communities, said the Board was excited to welcome Katherine to the organisation. ‘During the robust recruitment process, we probed all areas of expertise and experience that we identified as critical to this position. It was clear to us that Katherine brings a deep passion for working in Aged Care services and providing a holistic values-based approach to care provision.’

Katherine has worked for over 20 years in a variety of quality and operational roles serving the older community.  Each of her roles has focussed on the provision of high-quality care and services for older people at different stages of their lives.

When asked about what attracted her to Abound, Katherine said: ‘The values of the organisation align with my personal values of respect, integrity, and kindness.  I was also excited about Abound’s unique operating model in ensuring safe and affordable homes and care services to older people, and the fact that the organisation listens to its residents and staff in its decision making.’ Katherine is passionate about our independent living sector at Abound Communities and believes it’s important for residents to continue to thrive whilst living in their own homes, whilst knowing that support is still close by, should they need it.

Katherine is excited and enthusiastic about completed projects and future projects at Abound Communities. One of the highlights includes the delivery of our Home Care packages which will allow our residents to utilise our known, efficient, and reliable Abound Home Care team.

Katherine takes up the CEO position after the sudden death of Phillip Wohlers in June this year. Phillip had served as Abound Communities’ CEO for over 20 years. Philomena said that Phillip’s aim was to always ‘enrich the lives of our people’, and it remains a commitment of the Abound Board and our staff. ‘Katherine impressed us with her kindness and warmth, as well as her confidence in tackling the changes and challenges that lie ahead for Abound’.

When asked what she most looked forward to in leading Abound into this new era, Katherine replied: ‘Working with such a dedicated group of individuals to make Abound a growing, recognised leader of compassionate, contemporary care and support for older Victorians’. The Board acknowledges and sincerely thanks Acting CEO, Carl Maissan, for providing a steady hand and significant leadership over these past months.

Katherine Burton commences as Abound Communities’ CEO on Monday, December 11.

For more information, please contact Michelle Ashjaee, Communications Officer at Abound Communities on (03) 9433 1100 or

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