Assisted Living

Assisted Living In Melbourne

This form of accommodation is the perfect choice when a little extra support is needed, without compromising freedom and independence.


This option offers people that extra support through the provision of meals, laundry and cleaning while enabling them to maintain their independence. This level of support means that residents can enjoy their own lifestyle at their own pace, without the feeling restricted or intruded on.

With a supportive team at hand, our residents living in our assisted living homes can come and go as they please, and friends and family are always welcomed. We ensure each individual can access all facilities and support they need, all through a completely tailored process. We understand that every person is different, so we work hard to ensure all services truly reflect each of our residents.

Is this option right for me or my loved one?

If you’re not sure if this service is the right option for you or a loved one, we recommend getting in touch with Abound Communities to find out more. However, here are a few points on the kind of care you can expect from this service:

  • Daily, non-intrusive check-ups
  • Assistance with bathing or dressing (if required)
  • Assistance eating (if required)
  • Assistance in toileting (if required).
  • Attending to everyday duties and cleaning.

If you need further medical or nursing care, then there may be a different service we recommend for your needs.

We respect the privacy and individuality of every resident, and we always endeavour to meet their personal needs.


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"I love the fact that Rushall Park residents and volunteers are so active – contributing to life in the village. The sense of the community is strong which is why I put my name on the waiting list" - Maggie Birkett.

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