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CEO warns on flu

September 7, 2017

OCAV supports the Federal Government’s action to boost flu vaccination rates among aged care workers to safeguard older people against the virus.


CEO Phillip Wohlers said that it was crucial to keep flu out of aged care homes because it can spread so quickly.


“We offer all our workers at Liscombe House, our aged care home, free vaccination against the flu as a matter of course,” Phillip Wohlers said.


He said that preventative measures and common sense were critical but come into their own when there is a flu epidemic.


“Our advice to families, friends and other visitors is to stay away if they have the flu or feel unwell because older people are especially vulnerable to the virus.”


Vaccination is not as effective among very old people as it is younger people, and when very old people have other health issues, they are even more vulnerable.


OCAV adheres to Guidelines issued by the Victorian Department of Health to safeguard residents and staff.



Leith Park is a wonderful place for single older women because of the community and the age-friendly accommodation. I don’t think I have ever felt as safe as I have here.

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