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Charlotte’s leadership proves a boon

October 16, 2020

When Year 11 student Charlotte Cattell heard that Liscombe House residents were missing family and friends, she had an immediate solution: let’s get the school to write to them.

She put the idea to the Ivanhoe Grammar Plenty Campus students at an assembly and was astonished to receive 53 letters from all grades, from Prep to Year 12.

“I was not expecting that number, nor the interest. The Year 6 teacher used the idea as a lesson on how to write a letter, and the whole class pitched in. It has been a brilliant community project,” Charlotte said.

Better still, she is thrilled that there have been 30 replies from the residents to the students.

Community work is important to Charlotte, who was recently elected a school leader, which she was both proud and excited about.

“I like helping out where I can,” Charlotte said. She was part of a school group which travelled to Cambodia last year to teach children English and maths, as well as work with the adults to build housing.

This year Charlotte has been focusing on her VCE subjects in Music and Legal Studies. Next year, she will add to her portfolio with Chemistry, Maths Methods, English, Media and Business Management.

She still has not decided what lies beyond school although she is considering becoming a paramedic, but then she loves music, and is interested in many other careers.

Although she has not really explored Liscombe House, she is keen to learn more about what happens in aged care. One thing she is clear about and that is ending discrimination against older people.

“I am passionate when it comes to people discriminating against any gender, age or race. Everyone should be treated equally. Sadly, I don’t think we will ever end ageism because there will always be a divide whether it is young or old. But we can work towards ending it and calling it out,” Charlotte said.


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