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Coming home to Currie Park

February 20, 2017

Stan Hewish from Currie park

Last year Stan Hewish turned his back on his tree change and went home. He moved into a unit at Euroa’s Currie Park village and he couldn’t be happier with his decision.

Stan and his wife, Patricia, left Euroa about 10 years ago to enjoy retirement in Yarrawonga, the town where they and their family had spent many happy holidays. After Patricia died last July, Stan realised he wanted to return to the place where he was born and raised.

Despite a 10-year absence Stan still felt connected to Euroa and many of its residents. He had worked for 22 years as a builder with his dad, William, and the pair built many of the town’s buildings, including the current Council building. After building, Stan worked in clay production, painting and electronics and used to fix televisions for some residents at Currie Park.

“Yarrawonga was a lovely place and it was a happy time. But after Patricia died I felt a bit lost,” Stan said.

“When I decided to move back to Euroa I thought of getting a flat, but I was familiar with Currie Park, and it appealed to me having everything on hand.”

Another important reason for moving back to Euroa was to be closer and more accessible to his four children who are spread across Euroa, Bendigo, Melbourne and Lakes Entrance. Stan admits he had great and caring neighbours in Yarrawonga, but nothing is as good as being closer to your family.

Stan is still ‘finding his feet’ at Currie Park having only moved into his unit in January. But it ticks all the boxes for him. He said the security of the units and the provision of a main meal each day really appealed to him.

“I can cook, but it’s not something I am really interested in. I collect my main meal each lunchtime and then eat it for dinner. The meals here are wonderful and big, too big for me most nights,” Stan said.

Stan has no trouble filling his day, often visiting old friends in the town. He is also an avid reader of science, subscribing to magazines online.

“It’s all going well and I have a lovely little unit. It was a happy decision to come here.”


Volunteering is important to Deb, enabling her to contribute in the aged care sector. “I love it when the residents get downright cheeky. I love it when we get a bit too loud with laughing."

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