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Des hangs up his boots after 36 years

November 18, 2021

A man smiles with a lanyard in front of an Old Colonists Van

After clocking up 36 years of working at Leith Park, Des Nye is hanging up his boots.

He is the longest service OCAV staff member, and will be missed for his humour and dedication to OCAV.

There are many anecdotes about Des, but one of the favourites is when he first started working in the village in 1985.

Work on the Viewbank units had begun. To make way for the new housing, Des said that it was no big deal then to fell a large number of trees, nor to pile them up, douse them in diesel and set the heap alight. Occupational Health and Safety today has ruled out such practices, thankfully.

Des remembers the day well. The fire went up just as he was trying to start a ute nearby.

His advice? Don’t park a vehicle too close to something highly combustible.

Fortunately for him and the ute, Des was saved and the bonfire continued to burn for a month.

Take a bow, Des and enjoy retirement.

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