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December 9, 2020

Every Christmas, I’m reminded that it’s a blessing to be surrounded by family and loved ones. And no more than this year.

It has been a challenging year for all of us so I want to personally thank you all for the kindness you have shown to others, your resilience, your messages of support and care to the staff and volunteers. I have said this time and again this year, but I am continually astonished by the sense of community that has prevailed. Thank you.

Our staff and residents at Liscombe House are well underway with festooning every wing – the Christmas tree is up, cakes are being baked and decorated, Santa Claus is on his way.

I know the feeling of excitement and preparations are also happening in most homes in every village, and often with little people helping now that we can all be together again.

With all this joy around, we should not forget that the festive season is not always easy and many people struggle with a greater sense of isolation and loneliness during the holidays. Here at OCAV everyone has a story to tell of how hard this year has been, for some harder than for others. But the sense of unity has always shone through.

This newsletter contains many heart-warming stories of care and hope. Regardless of COVID-19, everyone has been trying to maintain a sense of normalcy whether through work or getting on with what they love doing. This is most demonstrable in our annual report story which gives a snapshot of what has been going on to advance our advocacy, our work to ensure that OCAV is a happy and vibrant place to live and work, and to house and support more older Victorians as we can.

It is always wonderful to read stories about our residents and what they did before arriving at their village. We have fabulous stories in this newsletter which reveal the many different passions that our residents and staff enjoy.

It is a real privilege to work for OCAV, and I take this opportunity to thank you all – our supporters, residents, staff and volunteers – for the contribution each one of you makes.

May you all have a peaceful, gentle and happy festive season, and here’s to 2021 – we hope it will be a less dramatic one than this year.

With warm wishes


Leith Park is a wonderful place for single older women because of the community and the age-friendly accommodation. I don’t think I have ever felt as safe as I have here.

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