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Get a Move On campaign heralds Rushall Park as exemplary housing

June 20, 2019

Decent homes for older people should be a high priority on the State Government housing program urged the Get a Move On campaign, singling out Rushall Park as providing exemplary housing.

The campaign met at Melbourne Town Hall in December 1948 to announce its aim was to see blocks of flats and cottages for elderly men and women built in every municipality.

According to The Sun newspaper, the campaign the cottages offered through the Old Colonists’ ‘should be the model for older people’s homes in every municipality’.

“The homes should be established in every district so that elderly people can see out their days in the neighbourhood they love. It is amazing there has been so much neglect of the aged. After all, we are all getting old.”

Mrs A H Robertson (pictured), aged 69, was interviewed for the article, said she was ‘horrified when the plight of many aged people were described to her.”

“I live here alone but I am quite happy and comfortable. I have absolute privacy and am getting a chance to grow old gracefully.”

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