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Kizzy fires up on folk music at Liscombe House

December 8, 2020

Musician Kizzy Davies has spent 2020 researching and performing Australian Folk Songs, and has put that research to good use recently.

She has put on several concerts at Liscombe House – not only to provide entertainment but also to play to people who grew up knowing some of the songs.

“I’m really interested in folk songs and especially the drinking songs, lovelorn ballands and country chants of rural and settler Australia,” Kizzy said.

She approached Liscombe House to volunteer because she wanted to get to know the residents, share her music and hear about their experiences.

“Who knows where this experience will end up, but I am hoping that some of the residents will teach me some folk songs that they used to sing or play,” Kizzy said.

Her 2020 project was inspired by folk revivalists of the 60s like Glen Tomasetti, Declan Affley and Marian Henderson.

Kizzy is a singer-song writer based in Melbourne. She has been teaching music in primary schools for the last five years, and loves teaching singing to anyone who wants to learn.


Josephine Katite may be a long way from Kenya, where she was born and lived until 2005 but the experience of looking after her elderly grandparents is very much with her every day in her work at Liscombe House.

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