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Lynette brings music for wellbeing to Braeside Park

October 1, 2020

There is nothing better to cheer the soul than a hearty sing-a-long and that is what Lynette Occhipinti is looking forward to offer Braeside Park residents.


She loves singing, working with older people and volunteering. Thanks to a grant from the City of Casey, she is about to start a Music for Wellbeing program in the village and the response has been overwhelming.

“Music brings out the best in all of us, it helps us reminisce on our past and just ‘be’ in the moment. It takes us to many places in our life, happy, sad and everything in between. Some songs can feel so personal, that they have been written for us,” Lynette said.

She has had a long history in volunteering, working with people to help them achieve their dreams.

“I love volunteering for many reasons, it is a “freedom” for me to express myself and assist people be the best they can be,” she said.

The program will be run in blocks of eight weeks, four times throughout the year. Songs will be chosen by residents who have already put in requests for Neil Diamond, Gene Kelly, The Seekers and The Temptations. Lynette is hoping that she can sneak Bruce Springsteen into the mix.

Music for Wellbeing won’t just focus on singing. The grant will enable OCAV to purchase tambourines, maracas and other easy instruments to add to instruments that residents have such as bongo drums, a rain stick, and a key board.

Although some residents have said they cannot sing a note, Lynette is not worried.

“I had singing lessons for a few years and can hold a tune however music for me, is so much more than a good voice. It is about having fun, getting out of our comfort zone, tapping our feet and enjoying the moment,” Lynette said.

Marlene Timmins, Braeside Park’s assisted living supervisor, said that the new program has come at just the right time.

“Lockdown has been a long haul for everyone, and music will bring people together to connect once again,” she said.

She is hoping to take part with her banjolele which she bought just before lockdown and has been practicing throughout.

“It is going to be a lot of fun, and a great way to bring joy into all of our lives,” Marlene said.



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