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New bariatric lifter for OCAV

April 9, 2019

A Camel bariatric lifting chair will be purchased for use at Liscombe House, OCAV’s aged care facility, thanks to a $3000 donation from Tobin Brothers Foundation.

Shaaron Robilliard, OCAV’s Director of Nursing & Quality Manager, said the lifting chair could be used by residents at Liscombe House, but also for people living independently in the Leith Park units.

The Camel lifting chair is designed to help people, particularly obese people, who are sitting very low, or who have had a fall, and need to be raised to a certain height so that they can be further assisted. The lifting chair is a mat that can be slid under the person and pumped up to a certain height.

One of the major benefits of the lifting chair is that it can hold a weight greater than 110kg and because it is portable, folding into a pack, it can be used in a confined space.

“We can use this for residents, but also for a visitor or anyone who might fall and need to be helped to get off the ground safely. We do have a bariatric lifter with slings, but it is a big piece of equipment and not always the best device to use,” Shaaron said.

“Once the person has been raised on the lifting chair, they may then need the bariatric lifter or sling.”

Shaaron said one of the challenges of using the Camel lifting chair is that the person needs to be able to comprehend instructions. So some residents would not be suitable.

She said Liscombe House has a bariatric people handling strategy in place and staff will be trained in use of the lifting chair and how to identify if a person is suitable for its use.

“Our staff are trained to identify if someone can be helped after a fall, or if they have sustained an injury, in which case an ambulance will be called.”

Caption: OCAV’s Phillip Wohlers, Footballer Moana Hope (AFLW) and Trevor O’Hoy from Tobin Brothers Foundation.

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