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Notching up 25 years with OCAV

September 28, 2020

Kathy Tarry loves working at Liscombe House. And the proof is in the pudding, she has just notched up 25 years with the Association. 

Kathy is a PCA at Liscombe House, working in Liscombe Wing. She loves the friendly environment of the Residential care, interacting with her fellow workers, and helping and caring for the elderly residents.

“I have invested many years at OCAV, and will stay until I retire,” Kathy said.

Before coming to work with OCAV, she was a home care worker with the Whittlesea Council.

This last year has not been the easiest for anyone working in aged care but Kathy has said that the year has made her more aware of the importance of her work, the importance of training and responsibility to the residents and staff.

Outside work, Kathy relaxes with her family.

"There is nothing I would change that would make my life any better. I have two loving sons and family and I thank God every day that OCAV took me in when I had nothing," said Jill Dale, Braeside Park resident.

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