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OCAV welcomes new Aged Care Quality Standards with a caution

July 15, 2019

Old Colonists’Association of Victoria has welcomed the new Aged Care Quality Standards which came into effect from 1 July.

“As far as OCAV is concerned the health and safety of our residents, not only those in Liscombe House our Residential care, is paramount and we work hard to ensure we continue to build on our quality care and services,” Shaaron Robilliard, Director of Nursing, said.

Shaaron and her team have been working proactively to ensure the organisation was ready for the new standards. These replace the four previous sets of aged care standards, and are about protecting the rights of older Australians and ensuring responsibility and accountability for their care.

“We already conduct rigorous self-assessment to ensure we monitor our care against standards, and will continue to do so,” Shaaron said.

Shaaron, along with OCAV’s CEO Phillip Wohlers, said they shared the government’s ambition to deliver a world class aged care service but cautioned that without increased funding for providers, it would be problematic.

“Continuous improvement is one thing, continuous and increased funding to meet the needs and expectations of older people is another,” Phillip Wohlers said.

“Funding for aged care in Australia is not keeping up with rising wages of aged care staff or the growing needs of older Australians and the real costs of their care,” he added.

The new aged care quality standards include dignity and choice for older people, personal and clinical care, services and supports for daily living, feedback and complaints and governance.

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