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Abound Communities compete for garden honours

June 20, 2019

Rushall Park held its first gardening competition in March 1943. Many of the residents then, as now, were keen gardeners. Mr McKenzie (pictured), a spritely 72-year-old, won ‘best garden of all’ which included a display of dahlias.

According to The Sun the flower section with 25 competitors proved the most popular, vegetable growing enthusiasts were well catered for, and all competitors – despite limited space- did well.

“The sidewalks with the glowing autumnal showing of dahlias, phlox, late roses and flowering shrubs of various kinds…this model setting is delicious with scent and colour, and overflowing yet not overcrowded,” The Sunreported.

“The reward for toil in one instance is a garden with pumpkins, tomatoes, rhubarb and other vegetables…on a deep alcove covered verandah, there is a variety of plants in pots as to suggest that anything from an oleander or an oak tree might lend itself to this form of gardening.”

We learn that Miss Gertrude Sherwin, a 78-year-old enthusiast, had turned her garden over to growing herbs which she sent to the troops.

The winner, Mr McKenzie, was singled out for his extraordinary 40 yards’ square garden in which every inch of soil had been used. He had nine varieties of different vegetables including French beans, turnips, carrots, red and silver beet, and lettuces.

The President Mr S Fripp, when presenting the prizes, said the competition had been sponsored by the council to encourage the residents in the pursuit of gardening, which was a healthy occupation and mental stimulant.

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