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Oldest cottages get a facelift

August 1, 2018

Two of Rushall Park’s oldest cottages are being restored, with approval from Heritage Victoria, and will soon be ready to accommodate older Victorians for another 100 years. Both have played a significant role in the history and look of the village.

Among the cottages being restored is 5 Fripp Ave, and is one of a bluestone pair known as the Brooke Cottages. They were built in 1870 by the Australian Dramatic/Music Association in memory of CV Brooke who was drowned on the SS London whilst returning to Australia in 1866.

The one-bedroom cottage has light filled rooms with very high ceilings and internal gothic arches and doors. The construction is of massive bluestone pitchers, bricks and river stones with rendered walls 30cm thick. The exterior stucco is painted a pale distinctive pink.

The restoration work, costing about $60,000 also includes, construction of new ceilings, interior walls rendered in original design and method, new kitchen, bathroom and stepless shower, an upgraded electrical system and LED lighting throughout.

“When we undertake a major work like this we have the future in mind and we are preparing this cottage for another 150 years of occupancy. We hope all the work will be finished in a couple of months,” Damian said.

Across the path, major works, valued at around $100,000 are set to begin at 6 Sumner Ave. The Edwardian style cottage will be made bigger once front and back porches are incorporated into the floorspace. Other works include removal of walls, reconfigured bathroom, removal of trip hazards, electrical upgrade and a new kitchen.

“This is a lovely cottage that was built in 1930, and has lovely bay windows in the bedroom. We think there have been about seven or eight renovations since it was first built, but this one will open it right up, create more space and stabilise all the foundations for the future,” Damian said.

OCAV has renovated 32 cottages across the four villages in the past year, with more scheduled in the coming year.

Caption: Rushall Park maintenance staff Rick and Andy in front of the Fripp Ave cottage.

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