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Philanthropy provides that important added extra

December 9, 2019

We couldn’t do it without you’ is a commonly used expression. Here at OCAV we really mean it. We simply couldn’t do what we do without the support of some of Australia’s leading philanthropists.

The past year has seen funding from philanthropic trusts and foundation used to provide that bit extra; everything from art classes and edible gardens to kitchen renovations.

“We want our residents to have the best services and facilities and with a bit of help, that is a reality,” CEO Phillip Wohlers said.

“Thanks to the ongoing support of trusts and foundations, OCAV has been able to fund programs, upgrade equipment and maintain our facilities,” he added.

Some of the major funded projects in the past year include:

Perpetual Trustees Impact Fund provided $76,333 for a Health and Wellbeing Program for aged care residents at Liscombe House. The grant also allows OCAV to recruit, train and support a cohort of wellbeing volunteers, ensuring the program’s long-term sustainability.

Estate of Ian Rollo Currie (Perpetual Trustees) provided $61,000 for the Repair and Restoration of Rushall Park Cottages. This grant will enable the chimneys and copping stones of 57 heritage-listed cottages to be restored at Rushall Park. The cottages have been in constant use housing vulnerable Victorians since they were first built in the late 1800s.

FRRR – CARA – Caring for Ageing Rural Australians provided $30,612 for Enhancing Senior Wellbeing through Virtual Reality. This grant delivered a series of newly developed and appropriate VR technology based workshops to Currie Park residents with the aim of increasing social engagement and reducing social isolation. The project is being researched and evaluated by Latrobe University.

Marian and E H Flack Trust provided $15,000 for a Creative Arts Therapies Program for aged care residents at Liscombe House.

Hazel Peat Perpetual Trust $4,500 Children’s Garden Appeal. A grant together with funds donated from generous supporters will enable the Association to create a children’s garden at Liscombe House.

Tobin Brothers Foundation provided $3,000 for a new bariatric lifter for use at Liscombe House to help lift people, who are sitting low, or who have had a fall, and need to be raised to a certain height.

Volunteering is important to Deb, enabling her to contribute in the aged care sector. “I love it when the residents get downright cheeky. I love it when we get a bit too loud with laughing."

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