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Pots of hope sow happiness across OCAV

December 13, 2020

Over 200 terracotta pots of hope now sit pride of place in residents’ gardens across all four of OCAV villages thanks to a wonderful sponsorship program from the AMES community group and Northcote Pottery.

The pots, handcrafted in Italy and perfect for container gardening, are part of an ongoing partnership which began when Liscombe House receptionist Jane Glynn won a national competition last year for a garden makeover at Leith Park.

The neglected yard in front of the community centre was transformed from an unloved bare patch of grass into an inviting landscaped sensory garden by horticulturalist and TV personality Melissa King and gardening businesses.

“The garden is now the centrepiece of the village, and is packed with flowering trees, garden beds brimming with foliage and flowers, wide, easily accessible paths surrounded by garden art and decorative screens that delight the senses,” Jane said.

AMES and Northcote Pottery were so overwhelmed by the response that they contacted OCAV earlier this year, before the first lockdown, to see whether the Association would be interested in receiving ‘pots of hope’ for residents.

“We were thrilled, and tentatively asked whether it would be possible for assisted living and Liscombe House residents to receive the pots as well,” Jane said.

“When AMES came back and said yes, we could not believe it. What a generous gift to receive at a time when everyone needed a bit of colour and hope in their lives.”

Seven months later, and Jane took delivery of a ute filled with the terracotta pots and saucers, gardening gloves, potting mix, garden trowel, and basil seeds.

“I couldn’t believe it when the next day we took delivery of vegetable and flower seedlings,” Jane said.

The mass of seedlings included lettuce, parsley, chives, tomatoes, marigolds, lobelia, snowpeas, beetroot, capsicum, coriander, petunia, pumpkins, leeks, portulaca, alyssum, spring onion, and cucumber.

“Many assisted living residents are keen gardeners but have limited space to potter. The pots are a welcome addition to brighten balconies, and to have easy access to herbs and other popular vegetables,” Jane said.

The generous program was made possible by AMES, Oasis Horticulture, Seasol, Mr Fothergill’s Seeds, Cycone, Nylex and Northcote Pottery.



Keith White, who had heart surgery two years ago, reckons he’s better now than he has ever been. He puts his state of health and well-being down to the life he has found at Currie Park, OCAV’s village in Euroa.

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