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Shepherd’s pie with lashings of red wine

April 16, 2020

Phil has always enjoyed cooking in his kitchen. He enjoys creating big hearty meals and sharing them with his mates in the Rushall Park Men’s Lunch Group.

“There is nothing better than sitting down with friends to eat, talk about the issues of the day, share stories, and enjoy being with others,” Phil said.

One of his favourite meals is a rich shepherd’s pie, made from 1kg of diced lamb shoulder, cooked slowly for two and a half hours.

“It is sumptuous,” he said.

“The secret is the bottle of cabernet sauvignon and 750 ml chicken stock.”

Here’s cheers to that.


The apartments are beautiful, with lovely, open and bright rooms, and a balcony for growing plants in pots. I am starting to make my apartment into a home.

– Catherine, Leith Park

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