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Starting over at Currie Park

August 17, 2016

Currie Park resident Isabel Pollock.

Isabel Pollock didn’t want to have to start again, but at 62 she had little choice. Family circumstances meant she had to leave her farm outside of Melbourne and move to the country. Sixteen years ago she was lucky enough to be offered an independent unit at Currie Park and she hasn’t looked back.

“I didn’t want to leave everything and everyone I knew. But I made up my mind that to heal, I had to start again. And I did,” she said.

She was born in Echuca, along the Murray River, so returning to country Victoria had its appeal. The move was made easier by Isabel’s commitment to make her place in her new community and town.

She had been involved in the Pakenham sporting community and when she arrived in Euroa it was straight to the local tennis club. While she no longer plays tennis she has maintained many of the friends she made in those early days. Some of those same friends now join her for regular croquet and bowls games.

Another key link for her was the Uniting Church where she still plays the organ at services and has gathered another network of good friends. She has become an integral part of the Uniting Church’s workforce. She also plays the organ at funerals and helps cater for funeral wakes at the church hall.

“The Church has not just helped me make a lot of friends, my faith also helped me get on with my life. You can look at your life and say, ‘poor me’ and let things take over your life. But that is no good and it was up to me to make the change.”

The move has been good for Isabel. She has a lovely group of friends in Euroa as well as at Currie Park and takes advantage of all the activities. There’s mahjong, cards, monthly movies and craft days.

“I try to go to everything that is on here because I like mixing with people. We are a small and friendly community here,” Isabel said.

Isabel has had a few health issues in the past couple of years and her sporting activities are on hold. But she remains determined to get back to bowls and croquet.

Her son and daughter live in Melbourne and because of the regular train service from Euroa to Melbourne she can visit them regularly.

“Before I came here I had never even heard of the Old Colonists, but it has been wonderful for me. Even though I am living independently, they check on me each day and if I have any issues they are happy to help me. It was a good place to start again.”



Volunteering is important to Deb, enabling her to contribute in the aged care sector. “I love it when the residents get downright cheeky. I love it when we get a bit too loud with laughing."

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