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Tegwen gets stuck into overhauling Leith Park gardens

January 3, 2022

A gardener poses with her shovel

There is nothing better than getting stuck into digging and overhauling gardens, according to Tegwen King.

Except for standing back to admire the achievements and watching the plants grow.

Tegwen joined OCAV a year ago as the village’s gardener and has since been overseeing huge changes in all areas from the much-loved vegetable parterre garden outside the communal rooms through to landscaping in and around the new apartments.

She is now about to start a major project with the assistance of Liscombe House resident Bruce Smith, who is one of Victoria’s leading authorities on grasslands, along with help from other volunteers.

The focus will be turning a weed infested creek bed at the entrance of the village into an outdoor area populated with native plants that can be enjoyed by the 250 residents and their families, particularly those residents living with dementia.

Tegwen has been working closely with Bruce who has provided information about grassland species to plant.

“They are representative of what would have been growing here before European settlement,” Tegwen said.

Restoration of the area has been funded through the City of Banyule.

It will include installing wildlife water pods, bird boxes, and some seating so that residents can sit and enjoy being outdoors in nature. The landscaping will follow best practice guidelines for dementia friendly design.

“It is an exciting project because not only will it add an extra garden but it will increase the area’s biodiversity and welcome native species back,” Tegwen said.


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