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An unexpected gift from a quiet achiever

September 30, 2018

OCAV was honoured recently to receive a wonderful bequest from the Estate of Jean Margaret Stewart.  Jean’s grandmother, Ethel Hooke, lived at Rushall Park many years ago and apparently, Jean never forgot the care and friendship Ethel enjoyed at the village.

Lifelong friend, Anthea Wynn, remembers Jean as a spirited woman who lived a life of service to her community.

“She was a medical radiographer in the late 1930s and spent most of her career caring for patients at the Repatriation Hospital in Heidelberg. At times her no nonsense attitude might have seemed a bit brusque to the patients but it was her way of making sure she got the very best images so they could receive the best care possible.”

Jean also studied photography at RMIT, becoming a well-loved photographer for a range of Victorian performing arts companies as well as a stage manager for Ballet Victoria. Her collection of images now rests with the Victorian State Library.

Having grown up in lean times, when many inner Melbourne streets were still dirt tracks, Jean quickly learned the value of money and appreciated her family’s commitment to giving back.

She supported various charities during her lifetime but used her will to leave the greatest gift of all. She honoured her memories of visiting Rushall Park with a gift to help maintain the buildings that had been home to her grandmother in the 1950s.

Jean was 97 when she passed away. Whilst she may not be around to see her legacy in action, Jean’s big-hearted generosity will have a positive impact on OCAV residents for generations to come.

Sadly, OCAV never had the chance to thank Jean personally for her amazing act of kindness. If you are considering leaving a gift, please consider informing us, so that we can ensure we honour your wishes and acknowledge your support in a way that best suits you.

Josephine Katite may be a long way from Kenya, where she was born and lived until 2005 but the experience of looking after her elderly grandparents is very much with her every day in her work at Liscombe House.

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