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Vital conversations with older women

April 9, 2019

What matters to older women as they grow older is having meaningful conversations with friends and family and to be taken seriously, according to a research snapshot of older women living in Greater Melbourne.

Women from Leith Park were among 127 women taking part in research conducted through the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, which revealed that older women in Greater Melbourne face many challenges, and in some instances, extreme disadvantage.

Challenges included changes to health, family and generational change, ageism and abuse, access to information and technology and threats to their financial and housing security.

During the research, OCAV was singled out for its financial model and continuum of care as a best practice approach to promoting healthy ageing and wellbeing by providing accessible, safe housing and support when needed.

Karen Ernest, Residents’ Coordinator at Leith Park, said that the research findings did not come as a surprise, and nor did the overwhelming message that older women want to be taken seriously through engagement in public life.

“We know that when provided with the opportunity, older women have the capacity to voice their opinions, knowledge and experience. They want to promote their ability to be active participants in family, community and wider society. Some already juggle multiple roles,” Karen said.

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