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Welcome to your ‘Iso-aide’

September 8, 2020

Ideas to keep you busy at home

We have put together links, podcasts, puzzles and downloads for your mind, body and most importantly, your soul, to stay active and healthy during lockdown.

Click the green links and they will take you directly to the relevant web page.

For the Body

We love Sherry Zakwho does fitness videos, designed for mature bodies.
If your doctor has told you that you need to exercise, take it from here.

Want something to ease into?
This 6-minute senior workout routine will get the blood flowing.

If you’re looking for simple strength and flexibility exercises to your routine, try these free online exercises. They have some excellent advice and a series of live-streamed and recorded classes from seated workouts to aerobics and balance sessions.

For the Soul

Discover Aboriginal Knowledge

Immerse yourself in Aboriginal culture as you learn about native bush food at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne and their surprising and remarkable uses.

Virtual Tours:

Always wanted to live like the Queen? Well now you can see how she lives. Several of the UK and Europe’s palaces have uploaded virtual tours for a limited time.

Live webcams:

This link will allow you to see what’s happening at various landmarks right now. See the Trevi Foundation in Rome without the crowds, or see if you can really see the bottom of the Venice canals.

See some world class art:

This article will take you to a range of world class galleries, museums, zoos and aquariums – made available during the social isolation period.


The Globe Theatre in London is providing free viewing access to a performance for free every 2 weeks. Go to  and look for the ‘Free Content’ button.

Tour the museums and galleries of the world online:

Revisit your favourite galleries and museums from around the world online. There are over 2500 to choose from on , including the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney Museum in New York City, and the Tate Modern and British Museum in London.

For the Mind

Looking for a good read?

The Australian National Library is making a selection of its collection available.

We also suggest that you visit your local library – online of course.

Learn a new language

Enlist a mate to help keep you accountable and learn the language together – from your own homes of course. You can download Duolingo or Babbel to get started.

 I’m puzzled:
 How about trying a digital jigsaw?

Games, Sudoku, Trivia are available here

Facebook Pages to check out:

Podcasts to listen to:


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I download an ‘App’?

A: I have an iPhone:

A: I don’t have an iPhone:


Q: Facebook looks great, do I need an account?

A: Yes. This link will help you set up a Facebook account/page.


NOTE: It’s best to only accept ‘friend requests’ from people you know.


Q: Now I have Facebook – how do I watch a live broadcast?

A: This link will take you through step by step:


Q: I’m getting an error and it says what I want to watch is not supported?

A: A lot of the websites in this document don’t work on Internet Explorer.

Download ‘Google Chrome’ on your computer or mobile phone and they should work.


Q: What is a podcast?

A: This article explains exactly what a podcast is:


Q: How do I search for a podcast that I would be interested in?

A: There are lots of sites that offer different kinds of podcasts. The best place to start is to ‘Google’ search a topic you are interested in. For example, type “a podcast on sailing ships” into Google to find a whole series on ocean sailing.

Q: What is a ‘TED Talk’?

A: TED is a free website with video ‘talks’ about topics on everything you could think of. It is a non-for-profit platform that is devoted to sharing ideas and information. “TED” stands for “Technology, Entertainment and Design”. Go to:


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