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Will that be a flat white or skinny latte?

May 4, 2021

Fancy a trip to Italy without leaving Liscombe House? You are in luck thanks to the arrival of a pop-up retro café funded by Collier Charitable Fund.

The retro café, made by coffee enthusiast Joe Piazza from 30ml Shot, has received great applause from residents, staff and volunteers and visitors since its arrival.

“We all knew that a pop-up café would tick many boxes, but we have been taken by surprise by the reception it has received,” Mandy Williamson, Lifestyle Coordinator, said.

What makes the cart extra special is the photograph of an Italian café which skirts the circumference. The photograph was taken by volunteer Michael McGuire during a family holiday in Italy.

Mandy has been advocating for a pop-up café at Liscombe House for several years not least because she knows how much residents love a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Christina McDonald is one of the many coffee-loving residents who has welcomed the retro café. She loves drinking coffee because it perks her up, and the chance to have a real coffee with friends and staff without having to leave Liscombe House is a bonus.

“I love the retro look, the red mugs, and the red gingham tablecloths,” Christina said.

The idea for the coffee cart café emerged during COVID lockdowns last year when Mandy Williamson and her team were looking for ways to help residents socialise and live as normal a life as possible,” Mandy said.

Staff were for ever carrying a heavy coffee machine from upstairs down to residents and making them expresso-style coffees.

“Coffee is popular all-round, but we noticed it is particularly effective at engaging those who usually keep to their rooms. We also saw residents who typically ate little and whose health is consequently at risk, would have a nutritious snack when it is accompanied by a hot brew,” Mandy said.

Latte or flat white anyone?

“Our home has always been a place where family and friends are welcome.  Our cottage at Rushall Park is no different and the community of friends here is important to us and that’s why their work is part of my art box,” Jennifer Barden said.

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