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Yvonne Brown has her say

September 29, 2020

Yvonne Brown was among several residents responding to questions about becoming older as part of OCAV’s contribution to the UN International Day of the Older Person on Thursday 1 October. This year is the 30th anniversary of the day, and the 75th anniversary of the United Nations.

What is the greatest thing about being your age?

Still being able to communicate with my family.

What is your hope for the future?

To retain my cognitive awareness around me and pass peacefully without any problems for my family.

Do you think that wisdom automatically comes with old age?

No, it has nothing to do with age and more to do with life itself and developing later in life. Some street kids have more wisdom than people that have a good home life. You learn through experience.

What makes you mad about the world today, and can we change it?

The world is a bloody mess but we can’t change it at our age.  It makes me mad that not enough good people are in charge.

What is the one thing you would tell the Prime Minister to do for older people?

To put more money into aged care such as buildings and staff training. We need more aged care facilities. We need more palliative care staff and to make end of life less traumatic for residents and families.

Some people say that old people are a burden to society. What would you say to them?

Wait till they experience getting old and see if they have the same question.  More respect should be shown towards the elderly and what they have done to make Australia what it is today.

Dorothy Clayton has felt very much ‘at home’ since she moved into Braeside Park nine years ago. Now, Dorothy, the village’s volunteer pastoral care worker, tries to ensure that others also feel a sense of belonging in the Berwick village.

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